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I think life is passing me by. I want to experience new things, but I'm letting myself become too stressed.

I asked my mom if I could take medicine, and my sister agrees, but my mom thinks my actions are immature. They may be immature, but I can't control them, and I seriously need medication.

I don't think I'll be able to make it through this year without some kind of anti-anxeity pill. And..

I'm absolutely going to fail Algebra 2. It's inevitable.

Avatar jana
08-25-06 20:50
Algebra *algeburrr* two sucks. I seriously think we should all get together at someones house every day and get our homework done together. There's no other way. So I'll see you tomorrow for that stuff. And. yeah. I'm bored. But anti-anxiety pills dont do everything. And if you miss a pill, you'll be about ten times worse than you are now. Paxil - the devil. That may be an anti-depressent, though. But yeah. Try a
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