The Journal of ceightlin.
11-05-06 20:24
o_o 09-14-06 20:24
As out spoken as I am, I realized that - even if I had the slighest chance in hell - I could never be a cheerleader.

They're just too much..

On a brighter note, I'm probably going to have to slit my throat in order to stay in my AP classes which doesn't sound too appealing to me. Also a little bit too messy for my taste.

Tra la la la la.

Not to mention that my whole entire family life should become some kind of symbolic novel. Symbolic for escaping the fires of human desperation. Minus the Southern Belle.

my hero 09-05-06 20:48
life 08-24-06 21:12
I think life is passing me by. I want to experience new things, but I'm letting myself become too stressed.

I asked my mom if I could take medicine, and my sister agrees, but my mom thinks my actions are immature. They may be immature, but I can't control them, and I seriously need medication.

I don't think I'll be able to make it through this year without some kind of anti-anxeity pill. And..

I'm absolutely going to fail Algebra 2. It's inevitable.
;[ 08-13-06 19:12
More often than not I wish I could have died instead of my brother.

Then, maybe, just maybe, they'd all be a little happier that their "worthless little bitch" wasn't there to be worthless anymore.
Talledega Nights 08-08-06 22:40
Saw Talledega Nights tonight. It was cool. I'm going to see Pulse when it comes out.

Going shopping sometime this week for school clothes. School starts Thursday. :/

Urrrr, what else. Nothing really. I got a desk for my new room. It's better than lying on the floor.

I'm kinda nervous about school; kinda not. I love the first day because you don't do anything all day. AP English is great though because the first day, you take a test, and the second day is introduction to the class.

I had band practice today. Nearly died of heat. :/

Nothing much to say. I have a cute binder for Algebra 2. It's got polka dots on it, and a whale. :]]]

Anyway, I'm going to stop rambling. Tata for now.
the glas 08-02-06 14:48
I have a feeling I should be reading the Glass Meneagrie. Or however you spell it.

but I'm just too lazy. :/
penny? 07-31-06 20:24
I get more comments on here than I do xanga. Fucking tards on xanga.

Anyway, I'm a loser, and..

Tomorrow's orientation, and I hate people.
o_O 07-30-06 22:35
eh. >_>
______ _______ Must Die 07-29-06 20:36
Well, I let those beautiful blue orbs of mine gaze upon the theater screen, and let them reflect images of John Tucker Must Die into my brain.

I must say the images reflected in my mind were cute. :]

Honestly though, do they not make movies about actual REAL LIFE? P.S. Thank you for those of you who welcomed me. Much appreciated. <3
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